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Okay, so I'm showing of my mad paint skills here with my Pathfinder References that I'll be uploading :D.  I'm trying to conceptualize my world and build up my towns and cities so that they are more believable in game and so I'm not sitting there thinking about what a town should look like on the spot.  

So, as noted in my Government building layout submission, my world has a 'tri-ocracy' build around Arcane, Divine, and Trade/Money.  It has 6 major towns, (one that represents each finger on a hand, I'm still naming but yeah the pointer finger reference is prob gonna be 'Point'. ANYWAY, the 6th city, is the major city and central city of 'Palm', yeah I'm original.  It's basically my worlds D.C., it's where all the work gets done!

The 5 'finger' cities will all look like the one I've posted (its in my scrapbook but whatever), and Palm will look a bit different.  On that note, the 5 'finger' cities ARE NOT identical, the're variety of goods/services will be different, and I'm still working on this concept completely, but each one will have a different 'theme'.  For example, "Point" will be where the majority of Priest/Clerics/ any one who casts Divine magic come form, for the symbolism of having the gods 'point' you in the right direction. Stuff like that, its still a work in progress.

The reason Palm will be different is because there is a huge glacier that is floating miles above the center of town, which is constantly raining and has waterfalls that leads into a lake at the center of the city (thus changing the layout)  This lake is what created the 5 branches of the major rivers off the lake (basically spreading the water across the kingdom where my campaign takes place. At the end's or near them is where the 5 'finger' cities were build (hence why they build them there).  

Again all of this is a work in progress, and any help from all the fantastic artist here on Deviant Art would be greatly appreciated.  Anything from some concept art of a floating glacier, endless producing rain that empties to the lake in the center of the biggest city in the region, to completely original towns, villages, characters or anything would be freaking sweet!

I'm not expecting much of a turn out for this, but I figured I could ask, no harm done right?

Anyway if you got through this thank you and I'm open to any ideas about creating worlds for a role playing campaign.


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John Grabanski
United States
Just looking for some good art for my Pathfinder Campaign

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